Sunday, November 28, 2010

Impossible figures with vivid colors

Computer images by giz183
Artist's deviantART profile


giz183 said...

Hi, I just noticed that you have used some of my art here. I'm glad you like it, but please provide a link back to my original pieces (CLICK; links to the other ones can be found in the description)

Thanks! =)


vlad.alexeev said...

Hello giz183,

Thank you for noticing me about this defect. This blog is a accompanied resource to my main site Impossible World . All news here were republished from the site. Now I add a link to original page at my site on every page of the blog. But here, I added a link to your deviantART profile.

giz183 said...

Thank you =)

You have some nice images on your website by the way. Very intersting!